Beltman Compressor Techniek B.V.

Beltman Compressor Techniek B.V. is a company of Robert and Gerben Beltman, founded 1. Januari 2017. Our specialties are inspection, overhaul and maintenance of screwcompressors used in cooling- and petrochemical industries. Over 25 years of worldwide experience with screwcompressors like Howden, Sabroe, Mycom and Grasso, make Beltman Compressor Techniek B.V. a skilled player on the market where continuity and reliability are priority number one.

New Address and Company Profile

From 1 Januari 2019 the company profile has changed from VOF to B.V.

Beltman Compressor Techniek B.V.
Sluisstraat 5-08A
7491GA Delden
The Netherlands

Bearing inspection on site

Main target of a bearing inspection on site is of course the rating of the axial ball bearings and, if necessary, also the journal bearings. In many cases it is not required that with this inspection the compressor should be moved. Also the capacity slide-valve with corresponding gaskets can be inspected, if possible. Should there be any damage in the runway of the guide-block, it is possible to restore this on short terms. Naturally this comes with a new oversized (hardened) guide-block. Several compressor brands, like Howden, Grasso and Mycom, make it is possible to change the axial ball bearings on site without dismantling the entire compressor.

 In most cases it is possible to do an axial bearing inspection within 1 working day.

Complete overhaul

With a complete overhaul the compressor is completely dismantled, on request in your workshop or compressorroom. All parts will be cleaned and inspected. If required parts will be exchanged or machined. The rotors can be measured on straightness and sizes of the journals and, if still possible, restored. After this the compressor is provided with new gaskets and bearings. If required the compressor can be provided with transport flanges. The compressor is then pressure tested and can be spray painted in any desired colour.

   Overhaul in our workshop, or on site  


For some compressors there are no more reasonable spare parts available, or they need other requirements. For instance a Grasso GSL compressor can be converted to a hydraulic version. If you notice  problems with the electric motor for movement of the capacity slide, the compressor can be overhauled and converted to hydraulic. A 4-20mA capacity indicator is mounted and oil pressure moves the slide, with a new 4/3 solenoid valve.

Conversion of a Grasso GSL to hydraulic 


In case there is damage on compressor parts, this can be quickly restored in co-operation with our partners. Hardchroming/grinding of journals, milling jobs our compressor housing or covers, restoration of shaft seals and slide valves: it’s in our programm.

Spare Parts

Beltman Compressor Techniek B.V. can provide a wide variety of spare parts, like shaft seals, bearings, inspection sets and overhaul kits. We also provide Long-stroke Position Transmitters (LPT) for the Howden XRV and WRV(I) range and coalescer elements. This concerns Original spare parts, but of course also OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and reconditioned parts.

Coalescer elements

Shaft Seal Kit Howden

Shaft Seal Kit Viking AS-AK-AL495-4195 with new Anti-blistering carbon Position Transmitter

Bearing Kits

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